Leading Experts on Offa’s Dyke Visit our section

On Thursday 12 March 2020 we hosted two Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory luminaries – Prof. Keith Ray, co-author of “Offa’s Dyke, Landcape and Hegemony in Eighth-Century Britain”, and Liam Delaney of Herefordshire Archaeology, studying for a PhD centred on the Dyke.

We were keen to show them sections of the Dyke in Tutshill and the Roman Road leading down to the Striguil crossing of the Wye just upstream of Chepstow Castle. The Dyke crosses the Roman Road maybe 100 metres above the river, a coming-together of much significance.

Keith and Liam are recommending that we raise funds to finance a geophysical survey of this area. We expect a cost of about £1,000+ which we hope to finance by crowdfunding. It would be marvellous to get this done by late Summer.

The survey report, and the commitment shown by the local community fund-raising effort, will support applications for future official funding application/s for later more expensive archaeological work that we plan.

We count ourselves very fortunate to have the support of the landowner-farmer at Castleford, Lyndon Edwards, who runs the excellent Hanley Farm Shop a couple of miles up the A48 towards Lydney.

The second half of the visit was spent in Brockweir where we explored the stretch of Offa’s Dyke now in the care of Group members, Andy and Gill Stott. Here we have a classic length of Dyke leading up Madgett’s Hill to where it turns west and then south at an impressive right angle known as the Bastion with a dominating presence in sight of the ancient Kingdom of Gwent. We’re planning to include this feature in our walk on 25 April, advertised on the website.

We are keen to hear from readers who have knowledge of the Castleford meadows, Chapelhouse Wood and also the Monmouthshire side of the Wye; and/or of the Dyke in the Brockweir area; and would maybe like to involve themselves in the project.

And of course we’d love to hear from folk who may want to contribute to the crowdsourcing!

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